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Cemetery Sexton – Sarah Gilbert – (989) 620-6839
Cemetery Footings – Mark Avery – (989) 205-0105
Cemetery Gravedigger – Joe Wolgast – (989) 233-2964

Lakefield Township Cemetery Rule
Effective – January 1, 1982
Revised – June 20, 2016

  1. No borders are permitted around graves, and no crushed stone, gravel, plastic, or wood chips are permitted on graves.
  2. Decorations must extend no more than 18″ behind headstones.
  3. Winter decorations may be placed after November 1 and must be removed by April 1.
  4. Summer decorations may be placed after May 1 and must be removed by October 15.
  5. All markers are to be placed at the head of the grave.
  6. Footings are to be installed by Mark Avery (989 205-0105), 20″ deep and extend only 3″ beyond the headstone sides.
  7. Common walkways are not to be obstructed, and artificial walkways are not allowed.
  8. No new planting of shrubs, trees, or perennials are allowed.
  9. All cremations are required to be buried by the Sexton.

Cemetery hours are dawn to dusk. The Lakefield Township Board reserves the right to trim or remove anything not complying with the above-mentioned rules. Contact the Lakefield Township Sexton at (989) 620-6839 regarding questions or concerns.