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Election Administration

Township clerks are certified by the State of Michigan under the Election Officials’ Accreditation Program mandated by Michigan election law to maintain voter registration records for their township and are responsible for administering all federal, state, county, and township elections. Township clerks who have a school district wholly contained within their township are also responsible for administrating the school district’s elections. Election administration consists of:

  • Receiving nominating petitions and Affidavits of Identity.
  • Managing voter registration using the QVF system: Accepting voter registrations, maintaining voter registration files, transferring voter registrations in compliance with federal and state record-keeping requirements, and overseeing the use of the electronic poll book.
  • Administering absentee voting (AV) and conducting elections: Receiving AV applications and records, tracks and mails AV ballots.
  • Election responsibilities include controlling campaign materials, handling recounts, and conducting special and recall elections.
  • Posting and publishing state-required election notices.
  • Township Election Commissions are chaired by the Township Clerk. They are responsible for designating precincts and polling places, selecting voting machines, testing equipment and conducting public accuracy tests, printing and proofreading ballots, and appointing election inspectors.